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This shortboard was adapted to serve as a transition board from longboard to shortboard.

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Newport Point

Versatile mid range shortboard designed for getting an extra turn in the beachbreak waves of SoCals

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This board is designed for contest riding at the highest levels and has be used in the WSA for the great effect.

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BeacHBreak Cruiser

An homage to Surf City USA, BeacHBreak Cruiser is the most popular model.

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La Sabre

This is a classic Blackies type board, an updated version of old school retro.  Catch the wave point and go; rinse and repeat.

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A longboard specific for women surfers and designed in collaboration with Gina Amado, Newport Beach. 

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A word from Chuck

Thank you for visiting our site.  We are proud to offer you outstanding performance surfboards at a great value. Why spend your hard earned money to buy someone else's version of your perfect board when you can put your vision to life? We have a gallery page that you can draw inspiration from.

Explore the site and order your next board through CJ Surfboards.

- Chuck Johnson -